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Open in let you open chat in with any number even if you don’t add it to your contact list Just with one step you can open chat of any phone number who use whether for a single time you use or for long time use Bored of the process of saving the number and searching for the name to start contacting someone So save your time and open any number directly in without adding it to your contacts list Enter a phone number and open chat directly Save numbers to use later.
Country code detected automatically Option to change Country Code useful when added a number outside your country option to add note to the saved number So you can remember the contact Delete numbers from your integrated list Easy and clean interface Chat with yourself it’s work also for it’s not for spy on other conversations To start a quick conversation with new people whether at work or in person Without the need to register the number in the contact list this application offers you access to the conversation directly with any new number without registering it in the contact list It gives you the ability to start the conversation directly by typing or the number.
This app is not intended to hack others’ conversations nor to spy on others It just gives you a quick way to get into your with others Originally that link was longer and more difficult to remember so I made this tiny app to help in the process Since then I have added multiple functionalities enter message share link list of country codes.
Create shortcut save recent and pinned open recent calls via and a few more but always with these three principles Make the smaller app possible This means no extra unrelated content no extra libraries and no useless things Use as few permissions as possible Only the create shortcut permission is used nothing else no calls no storage no internet No ads I hate ads I will never add ads adware spyware user tracking or other nasty stuff.
Chat in without saving number You can also create link for your number If you want to chat without save number then this app is for you so no one can see your if your privacy is contact only that is great for this app When you open direct chat that time you have option to save number for again use You have one more choice for send message when chat direct You can direct chat any person you want without save number in contact list You don’t need to save number in contact list So if you want to chat with some temporary contact you can chat that person using our app You can also delete any contact number which in this app You can also add number for again use App.
Open chat for saving the number in contacts Direct chat to anyone even yourself in Also you can create link for and share Do you want to direct chat with someone in but don’t want to save it in contacts Do you want to direct message yourself to make some notes Do you want to create a link for your and share to someone.
Open Chat for is just for you! It supports to direct chat with Open Chat for is based on the official open and help users to send direct message to someone not in your contacts It’s simple safe to use Open chat Direct chat in with a phone number Chat to yourself if you want to make some notes Create and share your link of to let people easy to contact you Support both Light weight and small size Remember your history numbers and let you find it easily.


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