Internet Data Blocker Protection App For Android

The Protectstar Firewall Android offers you complete protection against and espionage Block attacks from the internet and protect yourself from unwanted access to the internet Determine which apps can and cannot access the internet With powerful firewall technologies secure filter lists and artificial intelligence you comprehensively protect your privacy and are also informed about what is being shared with the world Protection and Control It is a powerful firewall app for Android with an intuitive user interface.
The firewall is not only ready to use in a few seconds but it also protects you from hacker attacks and notifies you when an app tries to send data to the internet You can see in which apps are accessing which servers or wasting mobile data With simple filter rules you can even allow or deny individual connections to an app Firewall Android is based on the Linux firewall iptables to protect you from cyber attacks To even surpass the security we have combined the firewall with artificial intelligence.
Based on the artificial intelligence technologies such as Deep Detective and Protectstar AI Cloud the Android Firewall fends off modern hacker attacks, malware, and even security gaps Easily Block Apps Did you ever wonder why many apps that don’t require internet access still need internet permissions Usually advertisements are placed or your sensitive data is sent to servers in without permission With the Protectstar Firewall you monitor and block this data traffic With two clicks you select the apps that should be blocked You can completely prevent online access to an app This also improves the performance of your device and relieves the battery usage.
High Secure Android Firewall Protection also from the Wouldn’t it be great if a firewall could do much more than protect against attacks The Protectstar Firewall Android was specially developed to block unwanted access by known intelligence services and government organizations With our integrated Intrusion Prevention System all known servers and IP addresses from the and many more are automatically blocked Besides you are protected from known spy servers in countries such as as well as from spyware and mobile trackers The anti ransomware protection rounds off the security against modern ransomware.
Does not collect any personal user data and is Ad free like all our apps All traffic is controlled by the firewall Firewall protection based on Linux Enhanced firewall protection against outgoing connections Create custom firewall rules All network connections routed through the own firewall VPN access point Control over all installed apps Automatic updates of the AI engine Firewall logging Intrusion Prevention System Firewall filter lists Block background and system apps Insights into network traffic Live view of current data connections No root required Reduce battery consumption Reduce consumption of mobile data.
Tor encrypts Internet traffic and hides your actual location It uses thousands of computers around the world to mask your IP address and prevents activity tracking to preserve your privacy and anonymity Tor also provides access to onion services These are sites that are in a completely hidden network without censorship The Invisible Internet Project is a hidden anonymous network.
It includes thousands of computers distributed around the world Purple encrypts the traffic of your device and sends it through these computers to ensure privacy and anonymity Start sites and other Invisible Internet hidden services is used by most applications to translate domain names into IP addresses to find a remote server with the site that you want to visit But this communication is not encrypted and can be used by attackers DNS Crypt encrypts and authenticates DNS traffic thus preventing DNS tracking and spoofing.


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