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Hi friends Today we are going to see is a monitoring security software which can work with the front end devices such as robot bullet or intelligent devices such as doorbell door lock can access the device by cloud id you can preview and control the live video in the android device this application is made so that you can easily understand the use of the camera device and it is hoped that users can understand and access this camera device without any problems if there are difficulties or questions you.
Can contact us and this application is not an official application and only as a guide for users of the camera device hopefully it is easy to understand home security monitor system is an anti thief system for guarding and monitoring your house connect any two devices phones or tablets and turn them into the perfect anti thief system leave one device in the area you want to monitor and take the second device wherever you need to go live video monitor you can monitor anything anywhere and anytime thanks to full screen video in five different quality levels feel free to use.
The front or back camera of your monitoring device safe & reliability the home security system works via or lite networks it reconnects automatically and quickly in the case of outage user friendly with the home security system you can monitor your home with just one glance at your phones display high quality audio system you can hear every tiny noise every breath or sigh of sound even if you are away in a live audio video stream the home a security system could be used as an audio remote control of your safe home the home security system can monitor up to 4 independent places.
The number of home camera units is limitless you can connect to devices on different software platforms fast and secure configuration over local with automatic device lookup or over qr invitation code takes less than 30 seconds a wide range of supported networks brings you limitless connectivity thanks to the Home security system you stay connected wherever you go even where there is a weak signal all communication between the devices is securely encrypted via cloud solution industry standard encryption is used to ensure that only your viewers have access to your stream stay informed about the battery status on the remote device the alarm will always alert you.
When the battery level drops below or an individually set value with our home security cameras you only pay once and you are then free to use the application on several devices want to personalize some alarm cameras and watchdog features Its only up to your imagination how you will use our surveillance camera is one of the best mobile app It converts your old android device into camera you can view camera live stream on multiple devices like android or web browser inside same network without Internet access stop spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras use your old smartphone as camera see is a multi purpose app.
Can use it as home security camera baby monitor pet monitor etc install app on two phones launch and select one phone as camera and other phone as viewer rather than pay a small fortune by buying a new camera simply retrieve your old smartphone that trailed in a drawer and turn it into a real wireless home security camera baby phone or pet monitor once converted into a camera your old cell phone can be placed easily anywhere in a room in height on a shelf or standing on a table orient the field of vision of your new security camera in the direction you.
Want and your done whether your traveling working or on vacation you be able to remotely watch in live your security camera at anytime with app installed on your daily phone a simple internet connection is required in addition to having the ability to remotely keep a eye on your home room family pet garage business shop office or other area requiring special attention alerts you in real time when a suspicious activity is detected and automatically captures the event in photo and video the application includes all the standard features of a traditional video surveillance system the motion and sound detectors will warn you.
When an intruder is at home and you can easily deter it by sounding the siren alarm if you want to communicate with your children or your pet you will be able to listen and talk simultaneously through the camera and to don’t miss any event record at will in photo and video all what you see allows you to convert your old smart phone but also your touch pad tablet or smart display hello into a home security camera privacy and security uses and encryption of your data to ensure the security and privacy of the video stream between your security camera device and the app.
Phone your photo and video records are stored locally on your mobile devices or on your google drive account cloud you are the only person to have the access accessories easily upgrade your new home security camera with a tripod a wide angle lens a solar charger an external battery or any other smartphone accessory available on internet thrifty and friendly rather than throw away a device that is still in working order lets you give your old phone a second life and recycle it to a home surveillance camera at a lower cost share this application to your family members and friends who needs this application its very useful app.


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